I think I got a bad burger at the airport in Houston. Ugh. The very idea of an airport hamburger sounds kind of gross. Anyway, Sunday evening I was feeling kind of queasy. Over the course of the night I didn’t sleep much, as my body forcibly ejected all contents from my gastrointestinal system in […]

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Woke up this morning about 3:45 AM and felt distinctly unwell. I stumbled into the bathroom and puked my guts out. Then I puked again. My first thought was to wonder: Did I have too much to drink? But no — it didn’t feel like that. Then around 5:00 AM Xy barfed as well. Both […]

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Yesterday Xy’s school informed her that she would be attending a workshop today, rather than teaching, so she had to stay late making plans for a substitute. This morning she felt so poorly she decided to stay home. She almost never takes a sick day. Actually she’s been sick all month, but she keeps working, […]

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I was feeling slightly off when we headed out to Sam’s Club yesterday. (I really despise Sam’s Club, but somebody bought us a membership, and like lemmings we go.) We’ve found the excessively long lines can be avoided by going on Sunday when the Saints are playing. So we went at noon, and by the […]

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Now about that low-grade sore throat thing I mentioned. It lasted five days at least, and I’ve still got a lingering dryness, but it never seemed to progress to anything worse… it never became a full-blown cold. Even though I didn’t get any serious sinus congestion, somehow one of my ears got that “unpopped” feeling […]

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I scored 100.5º F on the thermometer Friday night. That seems to have been the worst of it. Xy made some awesome chicken soup, and my fever broke that night. Saturday I felt better, but by no means well. A dose of Maximum Strength Thera-Flu helped me sleep both nights, and I took some Mucinex […]

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