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Déjà Drama

Yesterday Xy’s school informed her that she would be attending a workshop today, rather than teaching, so she had to stay late making plans for a substitute. This morning she felt so poorly she decided to stay home. She almost never takes a sick day. Actually she’s been sick all month, but she keeps working, working, working. Anyway, just before noon she called me at work and said she was feeling so bad she needed to see a doctor, but also feeling too bad to drive. So I rode home. On the way I realized this wasn’t going to work. I had too many obligations with preparing for the Beyond Jena forum tomorrow, including a 2:00 appointment to test the audio-video setup which I absolutely couldn’t miss. When I got home I told Xy she’d have to drive herself. I felt bad, but I was also frustrated because I’ve seen this is a pattern before, too many times. She pushes herself too hard, neglects her health, and finally hits the wall. Usually it’s a cold that she can’t kick, which leads to a sinus infection, which leads to a persistent migraine. In this case I’m convinced she had the same bug that Persephone and I got. We got better; she didn’t. She probably could have shaken it if only she’d taken care of herself. I rode back to work. Xy called her neurologist, described her symptoms to a nurse, who relayed them to the doctor, who wrote a prescription. She had to drive out to Oschner to get the piece of paper. Then she took the paper to Rite-Aid, but they couldn’t fill it. By this time I was home again, so I took the paper to Walgreen’s. Xy hadn’t even looked at it. Turns out it’s for Demerol and some other drug I’d never heard of. They wouldn’t fill it because it’s a controlled substance. I needed Xy’s ID. Also, they needed the doctor’s DEA number, plus the doctor is supposed to write specific dosage instructions and hadn’t. They told me to take the paper back to the doctor. By this point it was so late we gave up. Xy’s got an appointment with her GP tomorrow.

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  1. Scott Scott

    Repeat after me, “Everything is going to be ok”….say that a few time and take a couple Advil PM’s, and now tomorrow is going to be a better day.

  2. Tell here explicitly that I have person experience with running yourself raged. Not me, but my wife who has been ill for 6 years. It started out as just a cold!

  3. loula loula

    demerol??? that’s a highly addictive painkiller doctors prescribe for people with severe injuries or terminal illness. google it – I think you need another doc.

  4. Yes, Loula, I was shocked as well. Demerol is essentially synthetic heroin, I believe. I was hooked up on Demerol years ago after a severe injury and I was amazed how quickly my body started craving it.

  5. Jenny Jenny

    Not to downplay XY’s rough condition. I took, yes, placement exams for employment with a 105* temp.
    Can there be a club for people who push themselves too much? Like with a massage spa deal? That would be nice — covered on insurance & EVERYTHANG!!
    ps. — I did a Re-Do & I did get a job. Shew!

  6. I thought everyone went to Rite Aid for alcohol and Walgreens for medicine. Hope Xy is feeling better. Electronic medical records would do away with all that nonsense with the little slips of paper, right?

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