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Minor Drama

So the daycare calls me at 10:15 this morning to let me know the girl somehow bumped her nose on a shelf, pretty hard. Even after the blood stopped flowing, she would not stop crying. They suggested maybe I should come by, maybe she needed to see a doctor. I explained I didn’t have the car today. I said to keep me posted and I’d try to be there later in the morning. I had a few pressing things to take care of and I got them in order. Just as I was winding up to leave, Xy called me. Apparently the daycare called her too, after they called me I guess. She’d left her cell at home, so they had to call the school and get her called down to the office. She agreed it was probably nothing serious, but if a trip to the doctor was needed, I could call the school and Xy would make arrangements to leave. She suggested I give the girl some acetaminophen. So I rode home, got the acetaminophen, and walked to the daycare, fully expecting to take her back home with me, at least for a while. But when I got there, exactly one hour after their call, she had just fallen asleep. I looked at the injury. It didn’t look like much to me. I left the acetaminophen with them and went back home for some lunch. On my way back to work I stopped by the daycare again. Quite a tableau. They had the bubble machine going and all the little kids were gathered around laughing. Persephone spotted me and crawled all the way across the room to say hi. She cried a bit when I left, but she seemed her usual self. So: much ado about nothing, better safe than sorry, et cætera, και έτερα.

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  1. Day Day

    If it helps to hear it, Jules fell off a tall kitchen chair yesterday, hitting his head on the table twice on the way down. Today he pulled one of the same chairs over onto himself. I think he must be teething, he’s not usually THAT accident-prone. Persephone is adorable!

  2. PJ PJ

    That’s the same age Abe was when we had problems over there. I hope you will consider making some unscheduled visits to see how things really are during the day.

  3. Chris Chris

    Ethan ran into one of his pals at the gym pretty hard a few weeks ago and banged one of his front teeth pretty good. Dentist said it would likely turn grey/brown, but there wasn’t much that could be done about it – just to watch his gums for discoloration.

    Seems we all have these parental scare stories to share. Kids will inevitably have these incidents.

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