I got the test results back from my doctor. No charge for the office consultation, though it would have cost me ten bucks to talk on the phone. They have a new online system which allows me to see all the results myself, so allow me to copy and paste. Test results 04/12/11 GLUCOSE 90 […]

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I seem inordinately predisposed to getting a sore throat. (I also have a propensity for swollen nodes in the throat, which may or may not be related.) I’ve been making some headway in my ongoing battle, but I’ve yet to reach my goal of a year-round healthy throat. My family doctor prescribed fluticasone propionate nasal […]

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What started as a mild sore throat ten days ago has moved through various stages. I had some nasal congestion for a while but now that’s gone. The throat got sore and swollen, but that’s gone too. Now I’m left with a cough. This has seemed like a fairly normal progression to me, and I […]

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Despite our efforts, despite testing our water, despite an extensive lead abatement program conducted on our house by ACORN, we got word yesterday afternoon that our little 17-month-old girl has a high level of lead contamination. How high? BLLs > 13 µg/dL. Translation: blood lead level greater than 13 micrograms per deciliter of blood. Is […]

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Yesterday Xy’s school informed her that she would be attending a workshop today, rather than teaching, so she had to stay late making plans for a substitute. This morning she felt so poorly she decided to stay home. She almost never takes a sick day. Actually she’s been sick all month, but she keeps working, […]

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I was feeling slightly off when we headed out to Sam’s Club yesterday. (I really despise Sam’s Club, but somebody bought us a membership, and like lemmings we go.) We’ve found the excessively long lines can be avoided by going on Sunday when the Saints are playing. So we went at noon, and by the […]

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I’m feeling better — still a little under the weather, but getting better. The recovery may take much longer than the decline into sickness, but psychologically it’s much easier for me to cope when I feel a sense of steady improvement. Perhaps there’s a metaphor for New Orleans here? Oddly enough, I had almost exactly […]

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Xy went to a job screening today. It seems there are hundreds of teachers competing for 60 jobs in the newly chartered schools in the Algiers neighborhood. As a first step, they seem to be weeding out the bulk of applicants with an essay and a battery of math questions. They plan to whittle the […]

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I take my coffee black — no cream, no sugar. (Actually I don’t take my coffee at all at the moment. After two and a half weeks without caffeine of any kind, I’m back on the iced tea. But that’s a subject for another post.) Xy, on the other hand, takes hers with enough sugar […]

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Xy’s been feeling poorly lately. She has a cold, which as usual turned into a sinus infection, which as usual causes recurrent migraines. She’s also had her first real period in a year or more. (She’s on some crazy birth control medication that is supposed to make her have a period every three months, but […]

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