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Hopefully It Was Something She Ate

The girl threw up several times overnight. Rather alarming, but she had no fever and otherwise seemed normal. After two a.m. her stomach seemed to settle, and she slept more or less peacefully. This morning, when she woke up around 6:30, she threw up once again, but after that she was bright-eyed and playful, in good spirits, with no fever or other symptoms of illness.

So we think it was just a case of indigestion. Perhaps the jar of chicken noodle I fed her for dinner didn’t agree with her. That jar was a little sketchy — only in that it was an older item which we got secondhand from a friend whose daughter has outgrown baby food. I checked the label before feeding, and the expiration was in May of 2009. But she’s never had that particular entree before.

Anyway, I took her to daycare like normal and asked them to stay alert for anything out of the ordinary.

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  1. It sounds like what you have there is a typical infant rotavirus. Baby George had the throwing up in the middle of the night, recently. He was covered in a kind of mild rash and had a little cold sore looking pimply thing near his lip. Then he heaved. We also tried to watch what we fed him, but it kept happening. (The important thing was not to overfeed him, we found out.) Then two days later, we both got it. VomitFest 08. My wife and I both lost 6 pounds. According to many of the things I read, it happens most often at the start of winter and mainly to babies who go to daycare. Hope it was just food though..

  2. […] fortunate it was that my daughter wasn’t the afflicted one. I don’t think she’s barfed in almost two years. I was still feeling pretty shaky when I dropped her off at daycare Monday […]

  3. […] were quite distressed. I don’t think you’d vomited once since that time when you were nine months old. Three years is a pretty good run. We got you cleaned up, and you seemed to be feeling better. […]

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