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A Nightcap with J&B

old fashioned

The podcasting mania continues. This is rough, raw, intimate, easy, and definitely low-fidelity — kind of like us. No, it’s not ROX, it’s J&B’s Nightcap.

Nightcap #1: The Old Fashioned

On the 75th anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal, your hosts J&B launch a new enterprise: this podcast, J&B’s Nightcap. We begin with that classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned. Our conversation diverges also to the joys of fatherhood, vomiting and marijuana.

Links for this episode:

I suppose I should really set up a blog specially for this. Maybe.

Update: I did indeed set up a blog “specially for this.” It’s archived at

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  1. julesb_town julesb_town

    love it- please post more ๐Ÿ™‚ felt a lot like Rox, the same easy/funny connection between you and J. With a new twist now that you are both parents. Talking about vomit and Julians tongue… haha- cracked me up! I could relate… just like i could relate back in the Rox days.
    Hope P is better-

  2. I find one thing actually almost kind of miraculous about this: We pretty much hit our familiar 30-minute mark right on the head. Now, I don’t know if you (Bart) were watching the time, but I wasn’t at all. Yet we somehow stuck to format, despite the shift in medium. That’s just weird. Or maybe it’s not, if you were manipulating time from behind the scenes.

  3. […] time to plan, execute, and edit together coherent shows. So we decided to go back to the basics. Herewith is our first podcast, an unedited phone conversation which we’re calling J&B’s Nightcap. Please note […]

  4. Jon: I’m still kinda setting this up, but maybe you could be my wild guinea pig. (I say “wild” because I’ve tested on myself but I’m in-house and therefore domesticated.) Go to and look for the subscription link in the right hand column. That should allow you to subscribe via iTunes or the method of your choice. Please do let me know how it works for you.

    Update: archived at subscriptions no longer available

  5. […] answer to Mr. Konrath’s query, yes, there is a magical way you can add these to your iPod. Just go to nightcap.rox and look for […]

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