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Bouncing Back

I really don’t mind a long convalescence. It’s the initial descent that I hate. Anyway, I’m on the upswing now. Still a little unsteady but close enough to function. I went back to work today and was fairly productive despite some lingering queasiness. Today was the day of the big Fifth Floor Xmas Potluck. (In Indiana we’d call it a “pitch-in.” Never realized that was a highly localized usage.) Unfortunately I was too far gone the last couple days to actually bring a dish. I was going to bring my famous brandy balls. Actually I meant to bring them Monday, for my unit’s day-long open house, but I missed that entirely, which was a shame. My unit’s just not complete without my balls.

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  1. Garvey Garvey

    In the Calumet Region, we called it a potluck. Here in NC, it’s called a “covered dish.” e.g., “Lunch tomorrow is a covered dish, so everyone bring something” or “we’re having a covered dish luncheon at work.”

    Reminds me of what people call a cookout. When I lived in SoCal, everyone called it a “barbeque” as the generic term, regardless of whether any BBQ was actually happening. And no one knew what a cookout was or “grilling out” was. Weird.

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