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I’m Sick and I Want to Die

I’m sick as a dog. Barely able to think coherently. No snot, no congestion, just a fever, with attendant chills and sweats and borderline delirium. Every inch of my body aches. There’s a gland (lymph node?) on the right side of my neck that’s swollen and painful — painful only on the outside, not inside my throat. Doc’s got me on Erythromycin ES. No nausea, but also no appetite. If I wasn’t relatively sure I’ll get better eventually, the Big Sleep would be pretty attractive. That’s how miserable I am.

And as an added bonus, my mother-in-law is visiting for a week. Cue K-Doe.

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  1. Julie Julie

    I would say this is the perfect time for a mother-in-law visit. You don’t sound like you are able to be much help to XY, so why not let “Mom” be a help to both of you.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. Andrea Andrea

    B, while I feel for you, the one I am really feeling bad for is XY. 1. Now you’re down and unable to help with the babe. 2. She has to take care of the babe AND you. 3. She has to take care of the babe, and you, and deal with her Mom in her space, all while trying to breast feed around the clock.

    Yowza! Tell her I said to stay strong, but do not take an E-mergency! I took one once when I was breast feeding and Abe had some SERIOUS diaper rash for days.


    Hope you are better soon, PJ is down with the same symptoms.

  3. Hey Andrea, nice try, but I’ll take ALL your sympathy, thank you very much. You think I’m off of babe duties? I only wish. Xy was still making me perform fatherly duties despite my protests. Finally I had to say I was worried I’d infect the poor child. Xy seems to think she’s immune because of some magic goodness in the breast milk. Furthermore, don’t shed any tears for Xy having to play nursemaid to me. Her idea of “tender loving care” is to poke me with a stick occasionally to make sure I’m still alive!!!

  4. B,
    Hang in there. This crud is everywhere in the country. I had it last year and have stayed away from large groups and crowds this winter, so get the rest you need, listen to your body and let your intuition be your guide through this.

    There are three mates down with it now and feel just as you.

    Keep the baby safe.

    You’re all in my prayers.

  5. PJ PJ

    I had the same thing set in Thursday night (delirium, hallucinations, chills, no sleep) and just now feeling better. A little cough but not too bad.

    Here’s hoping you are on the other side by now.

  6. liz liz

    wowzers. a few weeks after our daughter was born, my feller became horribly ill. it lasted for two and a half weeks (some crazy virus, according to the doc). i ended up getting a variation of sick, but not nearly as severe as he did. it sucked balls, taking care of sick self and infant. i will say that your xy has the right idea though. as sick as we both had been, the little one stayed healthy and i’m convinced it was her breastmilk diet. wishing you a speedy recovery.

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