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Off Balance

Now about that low-grade sore throat thing I mentioned. It lasted five days at least, and I’ve still got a lingering dryness, but it never seemed to progress to anything worse… it never became a full-blown cold.

Even though I didn’t get any serious sinus congestion, somehow one of my ears got that “unpopped” feeling like you sometimes get on an airplane. This has lasted for something like four days, extending beyond the sore throat itself. It makes me feel off balance and disoriented.

I’ve tried blowing my nose, drinking hot tea, yawning, chewing gum, putting a hot washcloth over my face, but to no avail.

And then, just as I was writing this, all of a sudden out of nowhere — it popped.


I feel much better. But it’s been so long, I still feel a little unbalanced.

Update: A few minutes later and the pressure imbalance is back… though it seems less than before.

Update, February 11: It’s taken a week but I’m back to normal or close to it, after lots of popping and unpopping.

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  1. Avocado Tom Avocado Tom

    Have you tried the joy that is the neti pot? (

    Sounds freaky-hippy-dippy, but believe it or not, it’s worked for me in clearing out my sinuses and popping my ears.

    There’s also the “ear candle” thing, which I tried once and which seemed to help a little bit, but wasn’t so effective that I was sold…


  2. Moishe Moishe

    I just got over a horrible flu. My temp. was 102.5 at its worst. I’m still coughing, but did venture out today to catch Rex. Had some BBQ @ St. George’s and headed back home. Glad to read that your illness did not progress to the flu. It sucks!!

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