Another cold front passed through our area this weekend. On Saturday it was unseasonably warm, on Sunday unseasonably cold, and all day long Sunday I felt out of sorts — not quite right — like my body was out of tune. Nothing severe, but a tiny headache, a touch of fatigue, a slightly upset stomach, […]

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I had my initial consultation with Dr. Swartz today. It looks like I’ll be getting snipped in a couple weeks. Yes, I’m getting a vasectomy, and if that seems like too much information, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. Actually I think talking about the procedure is important. It’s one of the most effective means […]

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My mouth is numb from a visit to the dentist. They drilled on a couple teeth on my upper left and one on my lower right. The anesthetic did its job. I didn’t feel a thing. Completely painless. The criss-cross numbness makes me feel like the Harlequin of Novocaine. Unfortunately I think I’ve chewed a […]

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Now about that low-grade sore throat thing I mentioned. It lasted five days at least, and I’ve still got a lingering dryness, but it never seemed to progress to anything worse… it never became a full-blown cold. Even though I didn’t get any serious sinus congestion, somehow one of my ears got that “unpopped” feeling […]

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I rented a buffing machine to clean our tile floor. It cleaned up OK, I guess, except for a powdery white residue everywhere. I thought this might be efflorescence, but upon further investigation I decided it’s probably just dirt, specifically drywall dust. As I was carrying the buffing machine back out to the car, I […]

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Something about traveling turns me into a tightass. I mean my bowels clench up and don’t want to move in a timely and convenient fashion. I’m usually a pretty regular guy, but traveling puts me off my routine. The result is that yesterday I was taking little mini-craps in nasty-ass toilets at gas stations and […]

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