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The Ciprofloxacin is so effective it’s scary. Within an hour or two of taking the first dose, I felt worlds better. As my friend MF noted, you can feel it at work in your body. Rumbling throughout the digestive tract. I feel like I’ve dropped a nuclear bomb in my colon. And I can literally feel my body crying out for water after a dose. Then weird waves of cold and heat.

The doc called with the results of my bloodwork. As with most medical professionals, he expressed amazement at my cholesterol numbers and told me to thank my parents. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) No diabetes, no mono, but (most relevant to the matter at hand) a high white blood cell count. That’s evidence of bacterial infection, and that’s good news, since that was the theory behind taking the Ciprofloxacin.

As for the giant lump on the side of my neck, it hasn’t reduced in size, but at least it hasn’t gotten any bigger.


It still hurts, but a little Ibuprofen helps with that.

About 17 or 18 years ago I had a lymph node on the other side of my neck that swelled up and never went down. Eventually I had it excised and biopsied. (It was benign.) Hopefully this one will just return to normal in good time.

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  1. David David

    One of the hazards of taking heavy duty antibiotics is it can kill off the good bacteria in your digestive tract. To remedy that, I suggest you eat at least one serving of yogurt a day, preferably the kind that emphasizes active cultures. That might address what’s going on in your colon. I found it helpful when on such meds.

    Good luck, and take care of yourself.

  2. Scott, you’ve got a good memory. Yes, I wasn’t thrilled with my GP and wrote about it six months ago. (The sprain doctor was a different person, a specialist.) When I went back this Friday, though, I got her partner, and I liked him a lot more. In fact I may make him my primary physician.

    As to the yogurt recommendations, I do appreciate that, though it should be noted that taking Cipro with yogurt is not recommended. Apparently that can neutralize the drug. Eat the yogurt later as part of a meal.

  3. Aimee Aimee

    just one question. i was diagnosed with mono.. and my gland started like that but has swelled A LOTTTTTTTTT. it’s EXTREMELY painful and i’ve been on and off of medicines. my throat doesn’t hurt, but just my neck. wondering if you have any suggestions?!

  4. Aimee, my only suggestion is to SEE A DOCTOR! Actually I’m sure you already have, but I just wanted to make sure. I of course have very little medical knowledge. I did have mono many years ago, so you have my sympathies. Take care.

  5. Connie Connie

    I was just wondering about my issue and I am looking everywhere for what it could be. I have never had mono or any major illnesses, I do have a low thyroid count and take thyroid medicine. But right under my chin, to the right a little is a small lump and it hurts but other wise I feel great all over. It does not look like any of the pics I found on cervical lymph nodes. What is it please and I have just taken an Ibuprofin for the pain and swelling

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