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Something about traveling turns me into a tightass. I mean my bowels clench up and don’t want to move in a timely and convenient fashion. I’m usually a pretty regular guy, but traveling puts me off my routine. The result is that yesterday I was taking little mini-craps in nasty-ass toilets at gas stations and rest areas across the South and the Midwest.

We made it from Decatur to Bloomington without incident. We did run into some standstill traffic on 65 somewhere in Kentucky. That probably slowed us down for an hour or so.

We stayed with Xy’s family last night. Dined at the Uptown. Seemed as if everyone we ran into (and of course we ran into people we knew at every turn) was going to see a political documentary about the September 11th attacks which was showing at the Buskirk-Chumley. It was not Fahrenheit 9/11, but a film called Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of the American Empire. Pretty cool that they’re showing films in the theater; I remember being pissed off when Kerasotes deeded the place to the city because there was a stipulation about never showing films there. I’m sure if we lived in Bloomington we would have gone to see the film. Instead, we watched “Fat” on DVD.

I’ve been surprised at the coolness of the air, even in northern Alabama. It’s been so steamy in New Orleans that I couldn’t conceive of such temperatures, and I failed to bring a long-sleeved shirt. So this morning I drove out to the mall and and bought a sweatshirt at Sears.

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