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A Visit to the Jock Doc

I wasn’t going to see a doctor about my ankle, but Xy suggested I should. So I gave my GP a call. I’m none too enamored of my GP, as I mentioned before. I’ve only seen her once and can’t even remember her name. But when I called, her staff referred me to an “orthopedic.”

So this morning I found myself visiting the Jock Doc. I call him that because he seemed primarily focused on sports injuries, plus he kind of seemed like a jock himself. He was more interested in telling me stories about athletes he’s treated than in hearing about my particulars. In fact I had to tackle him as he tried to leave just to get a few questions answered. He seemed to know his stuff once I forced the issue.

They x-rayed my ankle from three different angles (twice, because they came out “too light” the first time) and I guess nothing showed up as broken. Then he gave me an air brace, on the house, which I gather costs a few bucks, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

Hmmm. According to a recent study, I might get better quicker if I combine the air brace with an elastic wrap.

Dr. Jock was of the opinion that I should not ride my bike for ten days or so, which will make getting to work difficult. But I guess that’s what sick days are for.

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  1. Julie Julie


    A quick check of what was billed to your insurance company would probably reveal a $100 charge for the air brace that was “on the house”.

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