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A Lingering Touch of Lymphadenopathy

I’m taking my last Cipro today, the end of a four week course. When I first started taking them, the effect was dramatic. I called it “dropping the bomb” because I could feel it working throughout my body. I was sick; it made me better. It definitely made me sit up and take notice. (No intestinal discomfort, by the way. It did make me thirsty though.) But the longer I took ’em, the less I felt it. Now I can drop the bomb and not even blink.

The lump on the side of my neck has slowly diminished. Just a couple weeks ago you could see it from across the room. Now it’s not visible. I can still feel it there, my lymph node, a hard swollen lump.

So what to make of this lymphadenopathy? Nothing much, not for now. Hopefully it just continues to shrink until it gets back to normal. Swollen nodes can indicate all kinds of bad things, but this is probably just a lingering overreaction to the bacterial infection. I did have a chest x-ray just to check there aren’t other swollen glands lurking about.

Anyway I feel great.

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