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My new iMac arrived Thursday. First impression: Wow, this thing is huge. It’s mostly screen, of course, but at 20″ x 12″ it’s almost twice the size of my old iMac’s screen.

iMac Migration

I tried using the Migration Assistant to move data from the old iMac to the new one. Unfortunately this worked for Xy’s account but not for mine. After four or five hours it just crapped out. I tried a couple more times, and finally resigned myself to doing it manually.

As for the rig itself, it’s pretty sweet. I saved my pennies and got the 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (aka Extreme) under the theory that you should always buy the fastest damn processor you can afford. That’s ultimately what forced me to buy a new computer; 800 MHz just wasn’t fast enough for the software I want to run. iTunes was dragging and iPhoto? I’d simply given up.

I saved money by opting for the smallest hard drive Apple offers (300 GB) because I have a couple externals I use for music and video.

Finally, I bought a memory upgrade from Other World Computing because Apple is too expensive. So, after the easiest memory install I’ve ever done, I’m rocking 4 GB of RAM. Supposedly OWC will give me a rebate on my old RAM.

There have been a few glitches and gotchas. I opted for the wireless versions of both mouse and keyboard. I thought the keyboard would be the same as the wired version, but it’s not. It’s a compact version, totally missing the numeric keypad, and some keys crammed uncomfortably close. It’s stylish but I’m thinking about buying the regular keyboard and selling this one on eBay. I don’t really need a wireless keyboard anyway. Another glitch: when I installed the software to sync up my Crackberry, it hosed my Bluetooth settings, rendering fancy wireless keyboard and mouse unusable. Hard to operate the computer without any input devices. I had to use the old mouse to delete the configuration file and then pair the devices again upon reboot. But and so it highlights the fragility of connecting this way, and depending on wireless for your basic input devices seems foolish compared to good old reliable (but ugly) cable.

All in all, pretty happy with the new rig. Everything’s much faster and more responsive. And this screen is so big it’s awe-inspiring. Now maybe I can get a chance to start working on that new ROX episode.

I got five years out of the old iMac. It goes to Xy now for word processing. Hopefully she can get another five years out of it.

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  1. David David

    I’m a PC person who has become more familiar with Mac’s because my significant other has one. I’ve been surprised to find a number of glitches, considering the Mac’s cache is the user-friendliness. Based on my experience and those like yours, it doesn’t seem any better than a PC’s.

  2. Lee Lee

    Awesome B! I think you made some good choices on the ram and the processor. I’ve heard but nothing good regarding the core 2 duo. I’m sure you’ve done research on it.

    Can you believe I’ve got 3 years on my rig now? 2 with that dual core that you helped me get, I can’t thank you enough.

    As soon as I get done painting I’m going to get to burning you those DVDs for your input.

  3. Peris Peris

    I got the same basic mac for the family at Christmas, but can’t ever get on (2 daughters). Leopard rocks!

    My rule of thumb is to wait as long as I want to get an new machine, then wait a few months longer (admirable self-denial) and get the 2nd-best processor available, which will tend to be what you would have got originally, but a much better value. The 1st-best is for early adopters who tend to feel remorse as soon as theirs loses the top spot. My wife likes to buy slightly used cars for a similar reason (not me, though).

  4. I’m jealous! That is a beautiful machine. And you’re right, Apple’s RAM is crazy expensive.

    I’m still stuck on my 2003-era Powerbook, 867 mHz, running 10.3 on its second hard drive. Can’t wait to upgrade!!

  5. Another nod to OWC – I’ve upgraded four macs with them over the years, plus an armful of accessories, and they always did good. I also used their rebate program, and it really works.

    I’m not a fan of those tiny Apple keyboards (and neither are my fat fingers), so I’ve always gone with an MS ergo keyboard. I also can’t live without an actual right mouse button (especially in Windows inside VMWare) so I stick with a cheap $9 USB mouse, too.

  6. I love iMacs. I’ve owned 5 so far. I never had the model of your older one (G3?) but 2 of the previous generations, but they only lasted 3 years each. My first G5 iMac (first model) – that I am on now – still rocks 3-1/2″ years later. My second G5 iMac dual-core was a lemon and eventually Apple replaced it with one that works. My Mac guy installed extra memory (not Apple RAM) on my most recent Mac and told me to save the old memory because putting non-Mac memory can void the warranty… I didn’t check to see if that was true or not. Thanks for letting me gush Mac geekiness! Enjoy your new machine!

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