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Category: Consumerism

Thank-You Cards

Cards, cards, cards. We had 25 holiday greeting cards printed. When I drew up a complete mailing list (after the fact, stupid, I know) I realized we needed twice that number. But it’s all good, because in point of fact we only actually mailed a dozen or so cards before time got away from us and oops, here it is the new year already.

Cards needed: 50
Cards ordered: 25
Cards actually mailed: 12

So if you didn’t get a card from us, please don’t feel slighted. We fully intended to send you one, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

Xy got ambitious yesterday and did a whole stack of thank-you cards. Hopefully we’ll get those out in a timely fashion. Hopefully we didn’t forget anyone. We’re trying to send a card to everyone who gave us a gift over the holiday — and there were so many.

Got a New Phone

Whenever something happens to one of our cellphones, it precipitates drama. I guess it’s an unanticipated side-effect of not having a landline. Anyway, Friday was no exception. When T-Mobile confirmed my phone was busted beyond repair, I decided it was time to join Xy on Verizon. By complete coincidence, Friday was the day the Blackberry Storm rolled out, RIM’s answer to the iPhone, available only thru Verizon. The Verizon website was basically unusable. Luckily when I drove out to the store, the storm had passed, so to speak.