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Eat-Well Food Mart

The “Eat-Well Food Mart” has been under construction at the corner of Canal and Broad for some months. Google knows nothing about “Eat-Well Food Mart” so I was intrigued. Today, I saw that it was open, so I stopped in. Could this be some kind of health food store in my neighborhood? Wouldn’t that be something?

No such luck. On their first day of business they still have some empty shelves, but what they’ve got in stock is not promising. I saw chips, chips and more chips. Plenty of bottled soda. Candy bars. Tobacco products.

They do have a reasonably priced hot breakfast/lunch counter with such local favorites as filĂ© gumbo, jambalaya and red beans & rice. On Thursdays you’ll be able to get a Chicken Florentine with spinach artichoke sauce for $6.25.

Still and all I’m disappointed that a place called Eat-Well doesn’t have any fresh fruits or vegetables. I’m sure they’re putting out what they think will sell in this neighborhood. But it’s kind of a vicious circle. If healthy foods are never offered, they can never become popular.

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