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Pseudo Super Sunday

It was a beautiful day, so we packed some picnic snacks, loaded up the baby stroller, gathered up some neighbor kids and headed down to the bayou for Super Sunday.

On Our Way

Only Super Sunday wasn’t quite as super as I remembered. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time. And the Indians we saw were absolutely spectacular.

Indian Family


But there were only five or ten Indians there. It was only maybe one-tenth the size of what I remember from the last Super Sunday I really saw, which was before the storm. (They were back last year but I only observed from afar.) So what gives?

Actually i think it may have been a problem with a parade permit. I noticed the NOPD barricades were sitting out there on the bayou but they were never put into place. In fact I didn’t see any police. And from something my friend DJ said, I gathered they didn’t get their permit, so most of the Indians just didn’t show up.

I guess their might be a bigger gathering some future Sunday, next week or next month maybe. The Indians like to keep me guessing.

We had a great time anyway.

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  1. Andrea Andrea

    I didn’t realize it was Super Sunday time. I think the last time I saw Helen face to face was at the other Pseudo Super Sunday, 2005, when we all went out, but there were no Indians at all. This is the second thing that has come up today that made me think of her.

  2. Ray Ray

    Backstreet Cultural Museum had sent out an email that morning saying that Super Sunday has been postponed until Sunday the 13th (this weekend), but I think word did not get out to everybody.

    I was relieved. I didn’t think I could go see the Indians without Ashley, not so soon, but I think after his funeral I might be able to go. He’ll be able to hear the drums along the bayou, I think.

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