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Deal or No Deal

We bought the girl’s bedroom set at Imperial Furniture on St. Claude Avenue a couple months ago. This afternoon we went back there and bought a metal storage cabinet and a garish red couch.

The place is kind of funny. There’s a sign in back that says “Keep Hands and Feet Off Wall.” Their slogan is “Deal or No Deal,” and it’s plastered everywhere, all around the store and on every piece of furniture.

I find this slogan mystifying. I understand the “Deal” part but the “No Deal” leaves me scratching my head. What could that mean? Buy something — or don’t?

So I asked Bob, the guy who sold us our stuff, what it meant.

“Well,” he said, “you know the game show on TV?”


“It’s like that. It just means we’ll take care of you — one way or another.”

OK. That still doesn’t make sense. But I let it pass.

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