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Dear Mr. Bissell

Bissell Homecare, Inc.
PO Box 3606
Grand Rapids MI 49501

For the attention of Mark J. Bissell, President & CEO

Dear Mr. Bissell,

We recently purchased a Lift-Off Revolution Remanufactured 3760R vacuum cleaner produced by your company. During its second use, the stretch hose came detached from the hose grip, rendering the whole apparatus inoperable. It seemed a minor repair, and being somewhat handy with mechanical devices, I attempted to reattach the hose grip but found myself absolutely flummoxed.

Eventually I admitted my failure and called your Consumer Services hotline. The representative with whom I spoke offered to sell me a Liftoff Twist’N Snap Hose Replacement for twelve dollars. I asked if the vacuum was not covered under some sort of warranty, since we’d had it less than a week.

Her response? She waived the shipping fee.

Eager to get our vacuum cleaner working again, I authorized payment with my credit card, and the replacement hose has since been shipped to our home, and I am twelve dollars poorer. Not to worry, the sum will not bankrupt me.

However, after getting off the phone, I took a few minutes to scrutinize the User’s Guide. That is where I found the very nice personal message from you, sir, with the story of how your great-grandfather invented the floor sweeper in 1876. This same message touts your 90 day warranty, so I assume that you, at least, are aware of this provision.

Turning to the back of our User’s Guide, I found the 90 Day Limited Warranty spelled out in greater detail. It is probably not necessary to quote this passage, but indulge me: “Bissell Homecare, Inc. will repair or replace (with new or remanufactured components or products), at Bissell’s option, free of charge from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, for 90 Days any defective or malfunctioning part.”

Given the clarity of this statement, I can only wonder why I was charged for the hose. Is this a nefarious scheme to prey upon the illiterate who cannot read and thus would not know of your warranty? I know times are tough, but I do not think your great-grandfather would approve of this way of doing business.

cc: Customer Services

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  1. nola cherie' nola cherie'

    You say the vacuum was remanufactured? Then I don’t think you can be considered the ‘original purchaser’.

  2. Au contraire mon cheriĆ©! The warranty is printed in the Remanufactured 3760R User’s Guide. If it didn’t apply to this product it wouldn’t be printed there, no?

  3. Have you submitted this to The Consumerist? The clamor and attention attached to posts over thataways seems to mysteriously get many companies to suddenly become far more pliable.

  4. nola cherie' nola cherie'

    So they print a special user’s guide for remanufactured vacuums? Interesting. I was assuming that mean refurbished – does it?

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