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We finally got our new washer and dryer hooked up and situated properly, and last night I did our first load of laundry at home for over two years.


Our old dishwasher was crapping out on us, so we also got a new one of those. Splurged a bit and got a fancy one with a removable filter thingie. It’s really very impressive, but then again, when you get used to nothing working quite right you tend to be easily impressed.


They’re all Kenmores. Xy’s a believer. They are also pretty energy efficient. Hopefully they will last long enough to pay for themselves.

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  1. Over the years I’ve had to replace a fridge, buy a dishwasher, and then buy all new appliances for the house we built. I’ve done a lot of research, and in all but one case ended up buying Kenmores. Generally very happy with them. Dishwashers with built-in food processors are the greatest invention of mankind. We don’t even rinse our dishes anymore, unless there’re literally mounds of food (or bones) on them.

    Although I’m not certain, it looks to me like you may have bought the same dishwasher we got. I’m pretty happy with it, although the “normal” cycle never seemed to get things consistently clean; the “smart” cycle does a much better job.

  2. Mazel tov! Use ’em well. You will be repeatedly blessing the day you got the appliances, especially with a young ‘un in the house.

  3. Lee Lee

    Yes, I’ve been down that appliance replacement road. To this day, everything but the water heater has been replaced. Not Kenmore here though, GE. I personally hate GE, but I gotta keep my mom in a job down there in Louisville.

    Here’s a word of advice for you guys. Hope nothing goes wrong, that is the one problem with Kenmore as a brand. Since they don’t make anything they sell, you are often referred to the actual manufacturer for service issues. Things can then get dicey because the manufacturer often uses a different model and or serial number than Kenmore.

    When I worked at GE in Btown in 00, that’s most of what went down the line, Kenmore side by sides.

    I must say thems some sexxy appliances though B!

  4. Anthony Anthony

    I got appliance envy. Really. I am looking forward to the day I have a real refrigerator and a dishwasher and my stoves hooked up again. Pretty much the day my kitchen is finally done.

    On the plus side I’ve never lost the ability to wash clothes at home, except for those months when I didn’t have any water, power or gas.. .but that’s a while ago.

  5. I am not sure if I could ever live without a laundry washer and dryer in my home again.
    Nope, I’m certain we wouldn’t make it without going nuts.

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