Adding to my innertube frustrations on Thursday: We were supposed to be getting our new refrigerator delivered. We bought it last month. But Sears never called me, and when I called them, it got very confusing with the departments and the voice menus and the busy signals and the unanswered extensions and the contradictory runaround. […]

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While most of the country is busy shopping for family and friends, we’ve been (mostly) shopping for ourselves. We’re not particularly self-indulgent, we just need to replace what we lost in the flood, and we’ve got $25K of insurance money to spend. In particular, we’re looking for a refrigerator and a vacuum cleaner and a […]

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We bought a Kenmore Tumble Action Washer (which the Sears website calls a Kenmore White-on-white 3.1 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Washer w/Eco Care™ System!) last Tuesday. It was delivered Thursday, but I didn’t see it in action until yesterday. Wow. I’m not one to wax on about appliances, but this thing is awesome. It […]

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