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Range Change

Old Range

New Range

So we got a new range to replace our ancient fire hazard. A few gotchas along the way.

  1. The old stove was 36″ wide. Most modern stoves are 30″ wide. You can get ’em in a 36″ size but it’ll cost you. The cheapest 36″ range at Sears was $1700. So we went with 30″ and now we have a 6″ gap on one side. We can either move the cabinet over 6″, replace the cabinet with a wider one, or eliminate the cabinet entirely. Not sure what we’re gonna do.
  2. Couldn’t find a taker for the old range. I called Hugh’s Place but they weren’t interested. I advertised on Freecycle but people didn’t seem to understand the part about how it is unsafe in its current condition. It needs work. I’d hate to give it away to some poor shmuck and then their house burns down. So the old range went to the landfill, alas.
  3. I didn’t realize our new gas range would need an electrical outlet, but of course it does. It has electric igniters rather than pilot lights, and then there’s the clock and the electronic dashboard. There’s even a light on the oven, what luxury. So for now we have an extension cord draped over the cabinet.
  4. Marvin the salesman hyped the solid metal knobs. I asked if that wasn’t just for the stainless steel model. Oh no, quoth Marvin, the black version has black metal knobs. Well, they’re plastic.

The old range had some class, and I miss it a little. But it scorched the cabinet and nearly burned down the house. It had to go. I definitely don’t miss the old oven. It was less than 18″ wide and couldn’t fit much. It couldn’t accommodate our pizza-baking stone, for example. It’s nice having a full-size, fully functional oven. It makes me want to bake things. Perhaps a chocolate pistachio orange-loaf?

The old range and the new have one thing in common: They’re both Kenmores.

There are a few more photos on Flickr.

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  1. celcus celcus

    I would suggest constructing a 6″ wide open front cabinet (maybe with a few slots) where you can put all the cookie trays, etc. vertically.

    The 6″ gap in the countertop is another issue, and one you may come to find as a real pain. It looks like a fairly stock laminate countertop. You certainly could replace it with one 6″ longer.

  2. rcs rcs

    That’s too bad about having to landfill it. Old stove knobs and hardware fetch a pretty penny on eBay from restorers.

  3. Anne Anne

    I have a vague idea that my old stove was sold for scrap. It was over 40 years old, but in bad condition (it rusted through). At least that would be recycling.

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