Last night FOLC had its annual board election. I was excited but also a little nervous. We had a bigger slate of candidates than ever before, fifteen in all, for eight open seats. I wasn’t up for re-election myself; our terms are staggered and mine ends next year. But I was nervous because there was […]

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I seem inordinately predisposed to getting a sore throat. (I also have a propensity for swollen nodes in the throat, which may or may not be related.) I’ve been making some headway in my ongoing battle, but I’ve yet to reach my goal of a year-round healthy throat. My family doctor prescribed fluticasone propionate nasal […]

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Now about that low-grade sore throat thing I mentioned. It lasted five days at least, and I’ve still got a lingering dryness, but it never seemed to progress to anything worse… it never became a full-blown cold. Even though I didn’t get any serious sinus congestion, somehow one of my ears got that “unpopped” feeling […]

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I feel like crap. Went to bed Saturday with a sniffle. Woke up Sunday with a sore throat. I thought it was allergies at first, but the way it’s lingering makes me think it’s a cold or something. I should have stayed in bed this morning but the noise of the renovation isn’t exactly conducive […]

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I’m gearing up for another trip down to New Orleans, to take care of the stuff I didn’t finish last time. I’d hoped to drive down today, but I’ve got a sore throat. It’s pretty mild — just a scratchy, tickly feeling — but it won’t go away. It’s been about 48 hours now. I […]

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