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House of Perpetual Illness

Since Sephone’s in daycare she is of course in a constant state of getting sick, or getting better, or both at the same time in an endless cycle of malaise. Most recently she had the ocular mucus (aka eye boogers) real bad, to the point of being crusted shut some mornings. Our doctor wasn’t particularly concerned and didn’t even want to see her about it. I’m glad that’s run its course, or so it seems. Meanwhile, Xy barfed the night before last, from food poisoning or a 24-hour stomach virus. Not sure which. As for me, I’ve got a wee little cough, which I think is strange. I usually get a cough in the latter stages of a cold, but so far I have no other symptoms except general fatigue. And the cough seems to be getting worse…

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    just keep telling yourself yall’s imune system is getting stronger and more diverse.

    now for the pollen and allergys of the spring , well………….

  2. Garvey Garvey

    Welcome to daycare.

    Time to do the one-income family thing? I’ve shown you the numbers: it’s doable.

    I have a colleague here with a one-yr-old (birthday last week) who has the same exact issues with their daycare. They are looking for a new one, but methinks this is the nature of the beast.

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