Slowly, I am at last making progress on painting our deck.

Half-Painted Steps

I stained it (blue) years ago, after we bought the house. Last summer, the ACORN staff offered to paint it, so I bought a bunch of paint and they stripped it with a pressure washer. But then ACORN moved on to another house leaving us with a bare naked deck.

It’s taken me this long to finally get the right combination of my schedule, energy level and decent weather to get started. I did a chunk Saturday and Sunday, and a little bit this morning. It may take a while to finish. But at least it’s happening.

Paint sure is easier to apply than stain, but I understand it doesn’t last as long. Oh well. When this coat wears off, it may well be time to replace the whole deck.

  1. Use a urethane-modified deck enamel. That will last the longest. If you use regular oil, you’ll have to prime it first. The urethane-modified enamel just gets thinned down for the first coat. Give it 2-3 coats. Ideally, paint all surfaces, (including underneath) and especially any visible end grain. And for extra credit, fill all those cracks with some caulk

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