Nate ended up being a no-show in NOLA. After making landfall along the mouth of the Mississippi River, he blew to the east of us and made his second U.S. landfall around Biloxi. Even there I gather the damage was not severe. In New Orleans we got 1½” of rain and that was it. No […]

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Nate cometh. I first heard about him as Tropical Depression #16, forming off the coast of Nicaragua on Wednesday. On Thursday morning I saw he had been named and was predicted to be headed straight for New Orleans. I contacted a friend in Memphis about the possibility of bunking there over the weekend. But then […]

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Isaac cometh. Looks like he’s headed our way for sure. Forecasters say he won’t be superstrong, “only” a Category 1 hurricane when he makes landfall on the anniversary of Katrina. But then forecasters aren’t so adept at predicting hurricane strength. And it’s looking more like we’ll be on the wet side of this storm. To […]

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I wasn’t going to make any mention of Hurricane Dean until such a time as New Orleans is in the National Hurricane Center’s five-day forecast cone — which I hope won’t happen. But now Dean is bearing down on the Lesser Antilles, and is already affecting the lives of some people I’ve come to know […]

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I’m not the praying type, but all the same I thought I’d pass on this prayer, written by Sr. Loretta McCarthy, SBS. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us. You who hovered over the waters and brought all into being, grant us the grace to be people of peace and hope during this […]

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We got home last night. This was the longest vacation Xy and I have been on together, ever. Days away: 16 Miles travelled: 2,506 Gas burned: Maybe $150 worth, but I kinda lost track. Money spent: No idea. Beds slept: 7 People visited: About 20? Flags burned: 1 (on International Flag Burning Day, of course) […]

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I went for a jog around the bayou this morning. It’s a very pleasant day. Kind of breezy, which is nice. There’s a little debris here and there that got blown about last night, but no damage that I could see. The grass was not wet, because we didn’t really get any rain. 34,000 people […]

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