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Trip Metrics

We got home last night. This was the longest vacation Xy and I have been on together, ever.

  • Days away: 16
  • Miles travelled: 2,506
  • Gas burned: Maybe $150 worth, but I kinda lost track.
  • Money spent: No idea.
  • Beds slept: 7
  • People visited: About 20?
  • Flags burned: 1 (on International Flag Burning Day, of course)
  • Lost along the way: My ignition key. Fortunately Xy brought hers too.
  • Automobile disasters: Only one! A flying rock chipped our windshield on the way home.
  • Chigger bites: numerous (Thanks, Scott & Justine!)

Itinerary: New Orleans > Forrest City, Arkansas > Silverleaf’s Ozark Mountain Resort, Missouri (in Mark Twain National Forest) > Waynesville, Missouri > St. Louis, Missouri > Monrovia, Indiana > Bloomington, Indiana > Indianapolis, Indiana > New Orleans

We got home last night at about 9:40pm, which mean it took almost exactly twelve hours to drive the 816 miles from Indianapolis.

We’d planned to stay in Bloomington until July 10th for a big anti-I-69 protest which I wanted to videotape for ROX, but we didn’t because it didn’t seem to be actually happening as planned, perhaps in part because of news the previous week that I-69 is going to be on hold for 10 or fifteen years. (But my sources say this is a smoke screen designed to short-circuit the protestors.)

We also hurried home because of weather. We just missed Tropical Storm Cindy by a few days, but we’re back in time for Hurricane Dennis. It seemed possible we’d have to rush home, grab the pets, and evacuate, which would have sucked. Looks like we’re now just outside the cone of probability, so we’ll ride this one out.

Plus, we were tired of being on the road. We enjoyed the trip a great deal, but it’s good to be home again.

Other random observations:

  • Cottondale, Alabama, is an epicenter of stupidity and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Downtown Indianapolis sure has changed — for the better.
  • All those high-rise apartment buildings in downtown Bloomington seem like a net positive to me.

It was great seeing everyone I saw, and if I missed you this time — sorry! Hopefully next time.

I’ll be posting pix to Flickr soon.

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