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Ike Is Wearing a Cowboy Hat

Sometimes a phrase gets stuck in my head and just keeps repeating like a mantra. Last month it was a random remark by my mother-in-law: “It’s only going to get worse.” But for the last two days, the phrase echoing in my mind comes courtesy of GJ:

Hurr.Ike is wearing a cowboy hat. Looks like he’s going to Houston. Beware.

And it looks like GJ’s right. Actually, with the southerly trend of the last few tracks, Ike’s headgear is starting to look like a sombrero.


In any case, he doesn’t appear to be headed our way, and I’m feeling extreme relief, not that I wish devastation on anyone. Still we can’t let out guard down. Ike could shift to the north unexpectedly, like Katrina did, and then we’d have to get out of town fast.

Here’s hoping this Ike is no Turner.

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  1. General (Tex)Sin General (Tex)Sin

    Thrilled for you guys, but if this thing hits on the Texas/Mexico border it’s big trouble. The Rio Grande Valley is the poorest place in the U.S with thousands of people living in shanties that one typically thinks only exist on the OTHER side of the border. Talk of checking papers before allowing people on buses will undoubtedly discourage full evacuation. The last big storm that landed south of the border created a public health disaster, as the Mexican government’s response was Bush-esque – albeit with the excuse of being a developing country and not the richest one in the history of the world. If it lands in Galveston there will be destruction a la Katrina. Let’s all hope it lands between Brownsville and Corpus Christi – where about six people live.

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