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Holiday or Vacation?

I’d originally put in for last Monday as a vacation day. But I came back from our trip a few days early, and was ready to go in to work — only the University was closed because of Hurricane Dennis.

My first thought was, “They’re going to screw me. I deserve to get that vacation day back, but they’re going to screw me out of it!”

Then I calmed down and for some reason I actually thought, “No, they’ll be reasonable, and I’ll get my vacation day back.” I don’t know why I thought that. I must have been momentarily insane.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from HR that confirmed this:

You’re crazy if you think you’re getting that vacation day back.

So I’m getting screwed. But somehow I no longer care.

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  1. fred fred

    Hey B,

    Fred here. Ex of Fred and Wendy. Good to see you guys. Its all starting to make sense now. omg you should come to ireland some time. be my guest.


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