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Optional Work Day

There was some confusion as to whether Xavier was open today or not, so around 8 a.m. I called campus info and learned that campus was “open for staff” but that school would not be in session until Monday.

So I took my time. Xy and I went to City Park and tried to play tennis. The courts were closed, but we bounced the ball off a wall and then took a nice long walk. Came back home and had a breakfast of eggs and leftover potatoes and pork chops marinated in red wine. I showered and shaved.

At last I rode to campus; I got there shortly before 11 a.m., just in time to learn that they were closing the library. The police officer let me go up to my office, where I watered my plant, then turned around and left. I could have stayed, but no one else was there and I would have had to call the police to let me out. As it was, the officer locking up the library kept asssuring me, “You’ll get paid anyway.” OK, OK, twist my arm.

So almost this entire week has been a vacation of sorts, though not very restful. I’d been planning to take next week off, but now I think I’ll work instead. Today I’m puttering around the home office trying to get things in order.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I’m here. I had a long morning at home and a long lunch. It’s nice that life is back to normal and by normal I mean surfing blogs in my air conditioned office instead of driving my family back and forth to Memphis, avoiding the big storm that wasn’t

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