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Dairy Overdose

Xy and I went to an art extravafreakoutganza at the Big Top Gallery, something called Meow Mix that Heather Weathers put together. Everything had a feline theme. For example, they were serving some sort of “milk punch,” which actually tasted as nasty as it sounds. Xy took advantage of the grooming station to get her hair cut. All the performers were female. There was a stand-up comic (Marcia Wall) and burlesque dances by the Storyville Starlets and a “Hairy Pussy Slide Show” by Heather. Trista Douglass read The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, but she was dressed as the Cat in the Hat; while she read, Thing 1 and Thing 2 ran around and caused quite a ruckus, shattering a couple pieces of glassware, including my pint glass of beer. But what’s a few shards of glass between friends?

The event ended earlier than we’d expected, which gave us time to stop by the Creole Creamery. This is a relatively new Uptown ice cream shop, but it was disappointing even to Xy the ice cream addict. In fact she couldn’t finish her treat. Too much dairy for one night, perhpas?

Then we saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow at the Prytania.

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