I wasn’t going to make any mention of Hurricane Dean until such a time as New Orleans is in the National Hurricane Center’s five-day forecast cone — which I hope won’t happen. But now Dean is bearing down on the Lesser Antilles, and is already affecting the lives of some people I’ve come to know from a distance through the miracle of the electronic communications.

At least one Dominica blogger is really, really scared.

According to another, people are seriously freaking out.

Hey, I know it doesn’t help much, but I’m pulling for y’all.

  1. It’s been so dry here in NC that people have been wishing for a hurricane. Of course, it helps that we’re several hundred miles from the coast. But the talk is there.

  2. There’s a “super hurricane” headed toward China. Supposedly it won’t make landfall for about five more days, but they army has been called out to evacuate people and set up sandbag levees. It’ probably won’t effect Shanghai, but the southern coast will be hit hard.

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