A causal chain: c-section => constipation => clogged commode Good thing we have our second toilet running. Very happy that Xy’s plumbing is working though. Update: After letting the clog soak in the water for a few hours, I was able to successfully plunge and clear the line.

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Xy’s officially completing her seventh month of pregnancy today. She’s doing fine, aside from occasional heartburn. It’s been amusing how everyone (even her, even me) attributes everything to her pregnancy. For example, if I say she sleeps a lot, people say, “It’s because she’s pregnant.” If I say she doesn’t sleep at all, the response […]

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Just found out the sex of our impending child, via text message from Xy. However, I’m not posting it here. We need something to announce in March, right? Also, I need to sort out just how much of this child’s life is going to be subject to my compulsive communicating. And finally, it’s another opportunity […]

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I guess today’s a good day to make the official announcement. Xy’s pregnant. She’s almost into the second trimester. Word sure has gotten around since I made the unofficial non-announcement. People are constantly asking me, “How’s Xy?” So I will attempt to answer. Xy’s doing fine. The intense nausea of the first few weeks was […]

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Round about this time last year, I wrote about a certain development in our lives. Many people took that as an announcement of sorts, though I didn’t think of it that way. I soon learned that such announcements are generally not made until after the first trimester, because bad things can happen. And a bad […]

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I’ve been trying to get my head around what happened. The timeline looks like this: Xy and I started Officially Trying in early May. She might have conceived in mid-to-late June. She did the home pregnancy test last Friday, and upon seeing the positive result, got an appointment to see our Ob/Gyn Wednesday at 2 […]

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While we were attending a workshop on restoring windows at the Preservation Resource Center this morning, Xy went to the bathroom and discovered she was bleeding. My first thought was that she’s not pregnant after all, that her period just came late, and that yesterday’s test was wrong. But I understand that false positives are […]

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Xy did a pregnancy test this morning, and it read positive. She say she doesn’t believe it. I think she’s just shocked into denial. I’m inclined to believe. I guess maybe we’re not shooting blanks after all. Cue transitional music…

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I’ll be living the bachelor life this week as Xy’s in DC for a teacher conference. I love Xy, and in these months after Katrina we’ve become closer than ever. I enjoy our life together. I also enjoy having time apart, but life has become so busy I suspect I won’t even much of an […]

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