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Any Time Now


Xy’s in the ninth month of her pregnancy now. She’s tired of carrying the extra weight and all the other many attendant discomforts. Pregnancy is quite a physical chore, and it’s all on her, with very little I can do except try to be helpful and supportive. She’s more than ready for it to end.

Yesterday the doctor told her she’s dilating to a point where she could go into labor any time now. Could be tomorrow, could be four more weeks. Her official due date is March 8, which of course is just an educated guess. The doctor recommended that, if she hasn’t already gone into labor, they should induce it two days before that, to reduce the possibility of her petite body being ripped asunder by the travails of birth.

I think he’s just filling a hole in his golf schedule on March 6. Ha! No, I’m kidding. This guy has delivered over 10,000 babies so I think he knows what he’s doing.

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  1. David David

    That’s an exciting time. And March 8 is extremely close to my birthday. You’ll have a Pisces in the house, a very sensitive creature.

  2. Congrats man, this is a very exciting time. Your photo of XY reminds me of one I shot of DaLynn days before Julian was born. It’s here (hopefully I got that link right); be forewarned there are boobies visible.

  3. Andrea Andrea

    Yay, Go XY! Wooo hooo! You can do it, yes you can! (I am cheerleading here)
    I am thinking of you guys, and can’t wait to see the 2…..OR 3 of you soon!

  4. Rachel Rachel

    Congrats to you both. My niece, two aunts, my grandmother, and I are all Pisces. We’ll be thinking about you. Leap Year is just around the corner as well.

  5. The last few weeks of pregnancy are really hard. You’re just so over it. But as someone who is also petite and who delivered a 7 1/2 pound baby with no problems, I just don’t see the point of induction. It causes harder, more painful contractions, which take a bigger toll on a woman’s body than a naturally induced labor, and induction often leads to other interventions, which you may already be planning, I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sure ya’ll know what you’re doing, but don’t assume the doctor doesn’t have his own best interests in mind when he suggests stuff like that. You joke about tee time, but there is sometimes some truth to that.

    Good luck. It will all work out in the end and soon the travails of pregnancy will seem a distant memory.

  6. By the time my son’s projected due date came around, I was big as a frickin’ house and experiencing loads of Braxton-Hicks contractions. I really didn’t recognize the real thing until I went out to walk the dog in the snow and one contraction pretty much knocked me down.

    And this short and squat body of mine made it through the delivery of an eight-pound baby all right. I’m with Chrissie about the doc. Y’all be careful.

  7. justine justine

    Reed is March 4 and Tatum is March 21. March is a good month to give birth, but so is February! Can’t wait!

  8. julesb_town julesb_town

    what a beautiful picture. Good luck to you both on your impending birth. childbirth is a beautiful thing- stay strong XY.

  9. The doctor thinks two days is going to make a difference? I think your speculation isn’t far off.

    I’m a “Friday’s Child.” Why? About a week or so before the due date of my birth, my mother’s OB told her he was going to induce labor the following Friday because he didn’t want to have his weekend of fishing interrupted by labor calls. He was completely candid about it and for some reason he must have sold my mother on the idea of a planned delivery because she complied without argument. When she arrived at the hospital, she joined about a half-dozen of his other patients, all waiting to get their birthing underway. My mother said that the induction experience was horrible. (I was her third child, so she had a basis for comparison.) Unless there is clear evidence of a problem, I’d say no way. My very, very petite framed, 5’2″ sister gave birth to three babies ranging from 8lbs 12ozs to 9lbs6ozs lbs and I don’t recall her body being torn asunder any more than the normal stuff, and one of these was breech. (OK, that one wasn’t an easy birth, but it didn’t destroy her.) Anyway, my point is that being torn asunder is not a “given.”

    Xy can do it! Go Xy!

    By the way, don’t worry about having a Year of the Rat baby. My girl is a Rat and she been an absolute delight, those she does have the rat-like tendency to collect and save every little piece of junk there is.

  10. Carol G. Carol G.

    Enough with the scare tactics! Xy-Logan and Bailey were induced and were extremely easy births. I didn’t even have any meds with Bailey-completely natural. By the way – if you are already dialated and the Dr. wants to speed things up, induced labor will probably mean that the Doc just breaks your water. That’s all it took for Bailey. Trust your instincts and the Dr. that has been taking care of you for the past 9 months.

  11. Wonderful picture.

    Don’t worry young man, you will have plenty to do once the child is here.

    The child will rest. Make sure The Lady gets rest, then take care of yourself. Exciting times.

  12. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    Year of the Rat babies are COOL. Julie Schiavo is one [yes, she paid me/nudged me to say that]. Anyway… Great photo. I’m going to follow Julie around when the time comes for us to go through this with a Camera and drive her nuts doing photo shoots.

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