I salute the people of Louisiana who made it to the polls Saturday. Obama beat Clinton by a big margin; Huckabee beat McCain.

Locally, a few friends and fellow bloggers were in the running for some Democratic executive committee seats. Karen and Danger won, Michael and Oyster did not. I was also glad to see Ed McGinnis and Deborah Langhoff score victories.

I’m not a Democrat, but I respect what these folks are trying to do — reform the local Democratic party from within. Does it need reforming? I suspect it does. So hats off to them.

Get full primary results from the Secretary of State.

Footnote: One friend suggested that I was abdicating my civic responsibility by not registering Democrat and participating in the party primary. I disagree. I hope some day to be voting in a Green primary here in Louisiana. Greens in Illinois just had their first primary, and by all accounts it went very smoothly — not.

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