Xy did a pregnancy test this morning, and it read positive. She say she doesn’t believe it. I think she’s just shocked into denial. I’m inclined to believe. I guess maybe we’re not shooting blanks after all. Cue transitional music…

  1. I remember the day I found out I was preganant.. My parents had just arrived for my wedding. I threw up the whole time..It was bliss
    I never had one of those tests steer me wrong

  2. Those things are almost never wrong. If she got a positive from a home test, she should get the real thing.

    I guess congrats are in order……..

    This is going to be one kewl child, born with a camcorder in one hand, apple in the other………hmmm

    Shall we call it the “other” J?

  3. I remained in a serious state of denial almost up until Emma poked her sweet head into the world, despite all the undeniable evidence!!! It’s normal.

    After 30 some years of living as an independent being, it’s hard to fathom that one has become, well, two.

    Congratulations, if it’s the real thing!!

    And buckle your seat belts for the ride of your lives!!

    (I’m available to be solicited for advice or anecdotes at any time, if XY is ever looking for info or empathy.)

  4. Blessed Be! New life in New Orleans…

    I can see it noe: growing up in the new New Orleans, surrounded by Bloggers. The child will be Blogging when the hit seven years old. LOL

    I’m happy for the both of you.

  5. Xy thought the test was only 85% accurate, but then she checked the box and noted it actually claims 99% accuracy. So the title of this post should probably not be “Pregnant?” but rather “OHMIGOD PREGNANT!!!”

  6. I think I wished you luck on this at the party. If so, I blame my wife for your pregnancy. Either my sperm cannot be held back by mere latex, or she’s more fertile than the Nile crescent.

    Best friggin wishes, and you know your life will be forever different, but you can always reflect on how fun “trying” was.

  7. Congrats. Nothing better. The greatest moment of my life was seeing my daughter for the first time, just born. The sweetest sound I ever heard was her cry.

  8. Wow. I’m gonna bring the crazy tell you about a dream I had about a certain blogger and his wife (whom I’ve never met and yes, this is creepy) announcing a pregnancy. I suppose it was just a matter of time, but it was still wierd. Dreaming of people I don’t know, not XY’s pregnancy, that is. Anyway, congrats!

  9. repopulate new orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are some days where i feel so beat down and others where i hear good news.

    this must be what it feels like to be manic depressive.

    good luck to yall.

    this is a good news moment even tho ive never met yall it still brings a smile.

  10. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news, B. Or so it appears. As to the spotting you mention in a later post, I have a friend here who had a full-on period during her second month. She thought she had lost her baby, but in fact he came out fine a few months later.

  11. Wow. I think you and Xy will be great parents. But why does Grampa Ray (above) need a “blood grandchild”? Is he planning on eating your baby, and if so, can we talk him out of this?

  12. How did I miss this post? Perhaps I’m the Pregnancy Repellent and it’s spilling over into blog interactions.

    Still waiting on doctor’s results post-bleeding.

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