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Labor Day

I guess today’s a good day to make the official announcement.

Xy’s pregnant. She’s almost into the second trimester.

Word sure has gotten around since I made the unofficial non-announcement. People are constantly asking me, “How’s Xy?”

So I will attempt to answer.

Xy’s doing fine. The intense nausea of the first few weeks was pretty bad. It seems to have subsided somewhat.

However, we’re not out of the woods yet. For years Xy has relied on Imitrex (sumatriptan) to combat her migraine headaches, either in pill form or an injectable for really intractable cases. You’re not supposed to take Imitrex when you’re pregnant. Hasn’t been studied sufficiently. When her neurologist found Xy had dosed up on Imitrex four times already, she enrolled her in a study. So there’s one more thing to worry about. The safer and less effective alternative prescribed by the neurologist contains codeine, and codeine induces nausea. So back to square one, except with headaches.

Well, you wanted to know how she was doing, didn’t you? I assume that means you’ll take the bad with the good. Oh, and before you chime in with your wacky New Age migraine cures, I should mention that I’ve been urging Xy to explore alternative therapies for years. She doesn’t listen to me, so why should she listen to you?

Speaking of listening, Xy got to hear the fetal heartbeat last week, which she says was a revelation. Apparently she’d become convinced the baby was dead. You know, from the Imitrex.

The due date is March 8, 2008. Right around the corner. Come to think of it that’s practically tomorrow.

I’m hoping we can have our renovation finished by Christmas. Then we can panic about impending parenthood full time.

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  1. ned ned

    I’m sending positive vibes your way, as you two wonderful people are in my thoughts and i can’t wait to meet your kid. i don’t, unfortunately, have any wacky new age migrane cures for Xy to dismiss.

  2. I can not live without my imitrex, it was not invented yet when I was pregnant back in the olden days. There are lot’s of alternative treatments to get relief, and NONE of them ever worked for me.

    My favorite one involved wrapping a cord around my head and putting a tennis ball at my temple. It seemed like I should feel better.

    As a friend of mine said about being pregnant that you are “the Quintessential Hostess”

    have fund you all.


  3. yeah, i had to quit taking my super powerful allergy meds when i got preggo, and my sinuses are killing me – mega headaches plus unable to breathe through nose. somehow i doubt this is better for the baby then my super drugs, alas, ‘doctors orders’.

    wow, we’re close. i’m due on feb 25th – which means i’ll be waddling like a cow around mardi gras 😛 we’re already planning possible escape routes since we live so close to the parades. i’m convinced i will pop when the traffic on magazine st is bumper to bumper.

  4. My wife had the same problem; ended up in the hospital twice. The only thing that she could take was magnesium, either magnesium citrate or magnesium maleate, at least 1000mg (or “to bowel tolerance”, as they say). The neurologist prescribed 500mg daily, but that wasn’t enough. She’ll probably need a regularl daily dose and then a megadose at the first and I do mean *first* sign of a migraine.

  5. I’ve been wanting to say congratulations for weeks now…I couldn’t be happier for you two. You’re going to be fantastic parents.

    I worried about everything when I was pregnant. The beers I had before I found out, the lead in the paint that was improperly sanded from the building I worked in (before I found out)–everything. And Sydney is healthy as a little horse.

    I did acupuncture (for nausea, mostly) when I was pregnant. It made a HUGE difference. If you can’t convince XY, oh well, but I was hooked.

    Congrats again.

  6. Liz Liz

    My Mom has major migraine problems and often my step-Dad rubs her feet for an hour and for some reason that helps ease things a bit. And come on, do you think Xy would really object to hour long foot rubs?

  7. My wife found out she was pregnant on September 12, 2001. After getting loaded on 9/11. Turns out that she wasn’t puking from my gumbo, but from morning sickness. She threw out all my gumbo anyway.

    Best of luck to you both.

  8. Mazel tov to you both!

    Found out I was pregnant with the little guy when I went to fill up the car at the Spur down the street and found myself turning bright green from the gasoline fumes. Someone walking by asked me if I was okay – that’s how bad I must have looked. Went and got that EPT shortly after, but the smell of gas made me sick as a dog the whole nine months.

  9. B, when I told DaLynn about this she said that she was excited to see “little roxlettes” running around with videocameras in hand. Glad to hear you’re feeling good enough to make the announcement official. This is fantastic news. Best to XY. Pregnancy books on the way this week; we’re a veritable library ourselves.

  10. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    Congratulazioni! I was hoping to say something pretty soon about it to you. That is too cool, for both of you. I think you folks will make great parents [since you share your obviously good parenting/family skills with almost everyone you meet]. BTW, my sister swears by the acupuncture– she gave up her meds for it during her second pregnancy and has kept with it since it worked so well. But I am sure it works different for every one [and there are needles involved here–ick].

  11. Tim Tim

    Way to go! Never been pregnant myself, but here’s what my Darling wife will tell you: starts out bad, gets great, then goes bad again. Finally the baby comes out and it’s happiness from then on. Best wishes to all three of you.



  12. Dazee is pretty found of his Imitrex too, but I don’t think he’s planning on getting knocked up anytime soon. Do let us know what the study shows, so when dazee is ready the results might be more useful to us.

    Congrats! I’m glad to hear that the pregnancy is going as smooth as possible. I read back through your other posts, and it sounds like y’all have had a scary and heartbreaking journey.


  13. Maybe a “health” psychologist (one specializing in medical probs, chronic illness, etc.) could help her find ways to cope with the pain until she can get back on the meds.

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