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And Now the Screaming Starts

Trying to bring this journal up to date…

We spent two nights in the hospital and were discharged on Saturday just after noon. We got home less than 48 hours after the birth.

As I was running errands to the pharmacy, Xy of course overexerted herself. She was excited to be home and started trying to do things like she hadn’t just had surgery — not to mention the pregnancy. Plus she’s breastfeeding, and that evening she reached full engorgement. So she’s in three kinds of pain and barely able to function.

This is where our individual quirks come to the fore. Fortunately Xy has always had a talent for copious sleeping, while I don’t need much sleep at all. She stayed in bed most of the day Sunday and hopefully today too. That leaves me to care for both mother and daughter and everything else around the house.

And it seems to be working. (Though I have to confess, if I didn’t have my sprained ankle and sore lip I’d be in a much better mood. Plus I’ve been dealing with a truly aggravating communications meltdown — more about that later.) Despite the title, our daughter has been pretty easy so far. She sleeps a lot and has only had a few real crying fits. Then again, she’s only four days old, so she hasn’t had much chance to prove what her lungs can do. My dad always tells me what an easy child I was. Here’s hoping our daughter takes after me, and not Xy, in that regard.

Lest I forget: Many thanks to all the friends who’ve helped us out and offered their support in big ways and small. We are very grateful.

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  1. Hi, Editor B,

    My e-mail was returned due to the aforementioned communication glitch, but I just wanted to say – Congratulations, again, to all 3 of you!

    Copious sleeping is a very good thing for Mommy to do now. (I was surprised at the recovery time for just a normal delivery! And don’t get me started on the nursing learning curve. It can be pretty challenging at first, but it gets better).

    We’ll be in town later this week (27th – 29th), but I’m assuming that we won’t be seeing you, as you have quite enough going on at your house.

    We’ll certainly be thinking of you though. If *I* weren’t pregnant myself, I’d drink a hearty French Quarter toast to you all!!!

  2. Just stopped by and WOW! —congratulations. I am so happy for you and yours.
    I’ve read your blog since you returned to nola and began the rebuilding process. I’ve been amazed by the ride.

    As a transplanted native it’s been a joy to read about all that you folks have done to return to some sense of normalcy.

    Again, congrats. And many blessing.

  3. ELizabeth ELizabeth

    Hi Persephone!

    Welcome to this world! We are so happy that you are finally here.

    Be well folks!

    Elizabeth at SE formerly XU

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