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I’ll be living the bachelor life this week as Xy’s in DC for a teacher conference.

I love Xy, and in these months after Katrina we’ve become closer than ever. I enjoy our life together. I also enjoy having time apart, but life has become so busy I suspect I won’t even much of an opportunity to feel any sense of solitude. I have meetings every night this week.

All of which reminds me: although nobody seemed to pick up on the hint I dropped back in May, we are Officially Trying. No luck so far, but trying is fun.

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  1. Jeff Elbo Jeff Elbo

    i’m sure everpax will become a great individual…keyword ‘individual’

    look, i’ve been a rox watcher for a long time….

    and, i would never claim to ‘know’ you or xy

    never met you, never had drinks with you…never really talked to you, but yeah…anyway.

    …but i DO know that a child from the two of you would be nothing but a blessing.

    but like you said in your blog about it….it’s a BIG decision.

    it’s literally a ‘life or death’ situation. i believe it’s nothing to be taken lightly.

    but on my own personal level…from what i DO ‘know of you’ through film and diologue…your kid would be awesome. 😉

    best of luck my friend.

  2. tilleroni tilleroni

    Yo dude hows the mood…
    After 6 years of school in Bloomington, and needless to say 6 years of watching ROX, I decided to see how y’all were doin’
    I watched episode 93, and I wanted to let you and yours know, I find the B to be inspiring. I have nothing but respect for video editors, but I have more respect for people who get up when the “wind” had knocked them on their face.

    So then I log on this and you both are trying?
    Whats there to try?(you both already know what to do)
    Keep on keepin’ on, and set up a family line…that’s what it’s all about.
    After such a traumatic life-changing experience(the storm), I can only imagine how much closer you and Xy are.

    Love is really the only religon that makes sense…

    …nothin but love…

  3. It’s neither for everyone nor something to be taken lightly, but being a parent is the single most gratifying thing I’ve done. I especially could never imagined how cool it was going to be to have grown “children”. May your efforts be blessed. 😉

  4. I got the hint – but it’s a delicate subject. Glad the trying is official now.

    Best of luck. This morning, as Paul drove Emma away in the car, she smiled and pointed at me and it made my day. Having a child is a one of a kind experience all the way around!!!!

  5. Tim Tim

    Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

    Glad to hear you two are on the path to parenthood.

    Enjoy the journey–it’s the best.

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