These meetings are coming up week after next. This is what FOLC has been working for these last five years. These meetings will begin to shape what the greenway will be. If you’ve got specific ideas, this is how to let them be known. Or just come to learn about the Lafitte Corridor and give […]

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This morning was the Lafitte (Corridor) Greenway Strategic Kickoff Meeting. It ran from 7:30 to 9:00 AM, which was a tad problematic for me. I’m usually getting my girl to daycare around 9 AM, and I really hate to rush our morning routine. Yesterday morning, she got into a mood and hid under the dining […]

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I cajoled Xy into attending our local meeting of the School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish on Tuesday night. It reminded me of the infamous “Summer of Planning.” Specifically it reminded me of the America Speaks sessions which I never attended (having already been burned out by the Lambert process) but which I read […]

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Just in via e-mail, don’t know much about it, but it looks interesting… As the political season approaches, we invite friends, neighbors and colleagues to join our effort to create a new era of clean, responsive politics in New Orleans. Come joins us for some light political conversation and a discussion of what can be. […]

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Last night we had our Mid-City Recovery Action Meeting, as we do on the first Monday of every month. We’d been planning since last week to address the designs that Victory Real Estate Investments, LLC, appears to have on twenty acres of Mid-City. What we hadn’t anticipated was Saturday’s front page story in the Times-Picayune. […]

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I am planning to take the day off work and attend the field hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which is being held here in New Orleans on Monday. The title of the hearing is “Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Outstanding Need, Slow Progress.” Details and discussion here. I will […]

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A brief recap of the past week: Monday night I attended our weekly grassroots neighborhood planning meeting. Tuesday night I attended the monthly board meeting for a nonprofit group I’ve been working with. Wednesday night I attended a meeting to revise bylaws of our neighborhood organization. Thursday night I thought I’d catch a break, but […]

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I’ll be living the bachelor life this week as Xy’s in DC for a teacher conference. I love Xy, and in these months after Katrina we’ve become closer than ever. I enjoy our life together. I also enjoy having time apart, but life has become so busy I suspect I won’t even much of an […]

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This past weekend felt like a watershed for my neighborhood, but it also left me feeling overwhelmed. Our Mid-City recovery planning meeting with Clifton James took place Saturday morning, and it was both uplifting and inspiring and surprising. We’d expected Clifton to make some sort of presentation. Instead, he pretty much turned it over to […]

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At the Mid-City planning meeting this morning, somebody was asking about garbage collection and Shelley Midura was explaining the rules for separating household waste from storm renovation debris. The questioner said, “If there are rules, publish the rules and we’ll follow them.” Shelley said the City Council could publicize the rules in newspaper ads. I […]

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So I went to the neighborhood planning meeting for Mid-City and Gert Town Saturday morning, and was deeply disturbed by what I saw there. Something doesn’t smell right. It’s not just the lack of publicity for this particular meeting. The whole process seems suspect. The aim is to come up with a recovery plan for […]

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