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Kicked Off


This morning was the Lafitte (Corridor) Greenway Strategic Kickoff Meeting. It ran from 7:30 to 9:00 AM, which was a tad problematic for me. I’m usually getting my girl to daycare around 9 AM, and I really hate to rush our morning routine. Yesterday morning, she got into a mood and hid under the dining room table. “I don’t want to go to school!” So I was apprehensive. But she was understanding. She knows I go to meetings all the time, and when I explained I had a very important one this morning, and that they were starting without me, she was intrigued and even cooperative. “Why are they starting without you?” Bottom line: I got her to daycare at 7:50 and made it to the kickoff meeting at Basin Street Station around 8:15. I was late and I was sweaty but at least I was there.

After the kickoff the planners started a tour of the corridor. I had hoped to take the day off and stick with them for the whole thing, but we’re doing our big annual seminar here at work this week, and so duty called me away.

Nevertheless I’m excited. Things are happening. Work has actually begun already. Surveyors were sighted on the corridor a couple weeks ago. I expect the first public planning meeting will take place some time in August.

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  1. alli alli


    It’s my understanding that the bike/ped path itself will be expedited, while the public planning process will cover things like the greenway park and other amenities along the corridor. Is this correct? When can we expect to be able to bike along the length of the corridor?


  2. I believe it’s all going to be planned together with public input on everything. We can expect groundbreaking in just over a year, with construction taking another year.

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