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  1. You mean you didn’t know that Gert Town and the St. Bernard Projects were part of Midcity? Me neither, but all I know about planning I leard sitting in on planning meetings as a reporter.

    It’s wierd that meetings haven’t gotten more attention. I get up 5:3oish every morning to scan the TP on line, and read as much else as I can get my hands on, and this is the first I’ve heard of this. Sounds like MCNO isn’t too pleased about the surprise nature of this either.

  2. A neighbor reports on last nite’s meeting for Fauborg St. John:

    yawn and double yawn. I feel that it is also important to check in with City Council to let them know your opinion of this process..or whatever it is that they are calling our meeting they did not mike the moderator so no one could hear, and those of us that could have heard it all before… Forgive my being so blunt but anyone who is paying attention should be half way to insane by now…

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