I’m skeptical of the polls on the upcoming New Orleans elections. It’s difficult to conduct an accurate poll under our current circumstances. I’ve seen at least one that used pre-Katrina landline phone numbers. The flaws in that methodology should be obvious to anyone familiar with recent events here, but just to drive the point home: […]

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I live in New Orleans City Council District B, which includes part of Mid-City, the CBD, the Garden District and Irish Channel, Central City and Gert Town, most of Broadmoor and a little bit of Uptown. [PDF map] We have six candidates running for this council seat in the next election. The League of Women […]

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There’s a climate of anger and anxiety in New Orleans these days, and amongst displaced New Orleanians wherever they are. There’s also a heightened level of political awareness. People are paying more attention to their government, and they’re pissed off at every level of government: local, state, federal, you name it. In our supposed democracy, […]

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If the electoral votes for each state were allotted proportionally, a map like this might make sense. Puts things in a different perspective, doesn’t it? The “winner takes all” method used by most states creates an artificial polarization, but this map shows a continuum that is much more reflective of how people actually voted.

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Xy & I voted this morning without incident. The cops still have Xy’s drivers license, but she presented an expired one, and it was accepted by the poll workers without comment. Besides the presidential election, we’re also looking at senate and house races and four constitutional amendments here in Louisiana. On the local level, there’s […]

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Today our local news daily, the Times-Picayune, weighed in on the presidential race. They are endorsing… nobody. …we cannot recommend either George W. Bush or John Kerry with confidence…. We take the endorsement process seriously and would like to be able to offer voters our advice in this race, as we have in so many […]

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Man, I thought the political rhetoric was pretty shrill this season, but last night I got an earful of some conservative AM radio that made my toes curl. This dude called the Democrats “vermin” and said the choice was between “Bush or death.” He also said the American people “fear” Teresa Heinz Kerry. I was […]

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Holy shit! David Cobb is on Slashdot today. I guess I missed the initial call for questions last week. Today, they feature David’s answers to the twelve best questions from Slashdot readers. (Well, I say “best” but actually they’re voted on by other readers, so perhaps “most popular” would be more accurate.) The questions are […]

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