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Not So Greenless After All

I recently bemoaned the lack of any Green Party candidates in the upcoming New Orleans elections. But apparently I was wrong. Somehow, I overlooked Paul Mirarchi Massa who is running for Clerk of Criminal Court as a Green, according to the sample ballot provided by the Secretary of State.

Assuming this information is correct, his candidacy is noteworthy. The Green Party only got official recongition in this state last summer, just a few weeks before Katrina. I believe that this is the first time a Green candidate will appear as such on a ballot in Louisiana. However, the LWV lists his party affiliation as “The Human Party,” of which he is both founder and chairman. Hmmm…

Also, there’s another candidate who is practically Green: Charles Duffy is running for City Council District C. He’s registered as a Democrat, but he says he considers himself as a Green. He would have run as a Green, but he was misinformed and told it wasn’t an option. Check out his website at He looks like a great candidate; alas, I’m not in his district.

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