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It Was Just a Tuesday in April

A tip of the hat to my brother-in-law and his bride. They’re getting married today.

Xy’s in Bloomington for the event, doing something she never does — taking time off. I had wanted to go myself, but I couldn’t, because all my vacation days were hosed by Katrina. Plus, after all the layoffs, I’d feel funny taking a vacation right now.

But really, who gets married on a Tuesday in April? If they’d waited ten days or so, it would have been the Easter holiday, and we’d both have time off. But no.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ve enjoyed the bachelor life these last few days. I’ve been able to do fun tasks which Xy selfishly hogs to herself, such as cleaning out the catbox.

As a weird footnote, I got an e-mail from a fan who spotted Xy at the Bloomington mall:

I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure [it was her], and well, I’d be a bit freaked out if people started coming up to me and saying, “Hey, I saw you on the internet, teehee.”

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  1. I’m shocked you didn’t realize that 15 years ago this very day, “Lucifer’s Child” opened at Music Box Theater NYC for 28 performances. I know that’s why they did it today, I’m certain.

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