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District B Scorecard

I went to a candidate forum last night for City Council districts A, B, C and at-large. As an experiment, I kept a crude scorecard as the District B candidates answered questions. I marked a + if I liked their answer, a – if I disliked it, and a 0 if it didn’t move me either way. Then I added up a score for each candidate, adding a point for each + and subtracting a point for each -. Here’s the results:

     Brown +++––0+ 2
Duplantier +0++00- 2
      Head ++++0++ 6
    Landry +0++0++ 5
     Pratt +000-00 0
  Truehill +++++++ 7

The questions were about: slots at the Fairgrounds, development at Broad & Tulane, the BNOB plan, the city’s master plan, race relations and blighted housing. Each candidate also got to make a concluding statement. The first question was yes/no, and everyone answered the same, so everyone got the + for that one.

As you can see from my little chart, my responses were mostly positive. Pratt (the incumbent) left me cold. Brown was doing pretty well for a while, until he choked on the master plan question. Truehill made the best impression on me, followed by Head, with Landry close behind.

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  1. Interesting. I wish that I had seen that. I’m leaning towards Head at the moment.

    I’m still trying to make up my mind on the mayor.

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