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Yes, Virginia

Mayoral candidate Virginia Boulet spoke for about ten minutes at a neighborhood meeting I attended last week. I really liked what she had to say. She talked about issues and little else. She didn’t indulge in any of that self-aggrandizing prattle that politicians often use as a substitute for actual substance. She seemed intelligent and energetic. Her very first idea blew my mind: “We need universal healthcare in New Orleans. That’s how we’ll entice people back.” (Not an exact quote.) She suggested this could be paid for with a bond issue of some sort. She also spoke of holding Entergy accountable for their actions and diversifying the local economy. She talked about building the “knowledge economy” — music to my ears, since I’m a multimedia artist at a local university.

I need to learn more, but if the election were today, I’d vote for her.

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  1. Virginia is smart. I know her personally and like her. Will I vote for her? I don’t know. This is a really important election, and I’m looking at all the candidates carefully.

  2. It’s so hard for me to imagine how you guys are going to choose. There are so many issues and they are all so important. Watching from afar, my heart goes out to those of you there who are making this choice.

  3. David David

    It occurs to me that this election is one for which Louisiana’s open primary system is terribly ill-suited. We could easily find ourselves with the combined vote of the top two vote-getters less than half vote and both of those completely repulsive to the overwhelming majority of voters.

    I looked at Virginia’s site, and I agree that she’s impressive. Bart, have you thought of talking to the Green party to help or endorse Virginia?

  4. I hadn’t thought of that, but unfortunately the local Greens seem to be defunct at the moment. We haven’t met since Katrina. It’s sad.

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  6. nola2 nola2

    virginia boulet has good ideas on healthcare but TERRIBLE ideas for the environment. read her platform for economic development which includes an “energy city” featuring more refineries and oil mess south of us. why pollute our neighbors? i’d vote for her if it wasn’t for this. there’s many clean industries/such as tech that could be developed here.

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