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Intruder Alert

When Xy came home from work yesterday, she saw a man on the street who gave her a “nasty look.” He was headed between our house and the next. Xy entered our front door; I was at the opposite end of our long hallway; she told me to look out back. I went out the back door onto our deck, looked down, and saw the guy standing immediately below in our neighbor’s yard.

I said: “Can I help you?”

He mumbled something, it might have been “no,” and walked back to the street rather quickly.

This all happened in less than a minute.

So what was he doing back there? It’s about 60 or 70 feet off the street, clearly private property, a rather tight space which leads nowhere. He had to open a gate to get back there. Since our neighbors were burglarized recently, we felt it likely that he was up to no good, looking for stuff to pilfer. It’s difficult to imagine any other explanation.

Five minutes later, we noticed he was still sitting with another man in a white car in front of our neighbor’s house. I grabbed a pad and pen, walked outside and stood behind the car, very obviously taking down their license plate number.

They drove away.

It was unsettling, but I’m not too worried. My theory is that since there are so many vacant houses in the vicinity, they won’t be back to bother with one that is clearly occupied.

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  1. That’s pretty damn cool,man.Your “very obviously taking down their licence plate number”.,that in-the-face appoach to comfront the evil is really impressive.bravo!

  2. Lou C Lou C

    If it were me, I’d buy a handgun or shotgun & be prepared to use it. Nothing says don’t “F—” with me like a barrel of a gun. It’s unfortunate that times are what they are but we have a RIGHT to protect our family & property. The police will only arrive to take the report and escort the coronor… look out for each other & be safe.

  3. Xy said it’s a good thing we don’t have a gun or she would have used it. She was really steamed.

    I forgot to mention: Two of our windows were sitting outside, leaning against the house, temporarily displaced by the carpentry work. I thought these guys might come back later to steal them, so I tried moving them. Damn! Those things are heavy! So I decided to leave them there and take our chances. They were still present and accounted for this morning.

  4. Wise move writing down the license plate number. The only problem with guns is that they can be used against you! I had a glock until it was stolen out of my locked apartment!

    Nice to hear your refurbushing the windows B……….

    BTW, I finally saw 93, like I said b4, we have to place it into a contest……I’m working on the list still…….have a good weekend


  5. Slightly embarrassing follow-up: I discovered said car parked around the corner the other day. Apparently they are new neighbors. The roster in that house is constantly rotating — lots of people coming to New Orleans for the construction work. So I have a new theory to explain his behavior: He was lost.

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