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Electoral Vote Predictor

There’s a lot of presidential poll data flying around these days, but I’ve noticed very little of it mentions the electoral college. That’s kind of dumb, considering we don’t directly elect the president, more’s the pity.

The Electoral Vote Predictor website breaks it down the way it needs to be done: electoral vote count. It currently projects Kerry to win. It’s still too close to call, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

I keep noticing that all the Bush states (except Alaska) are contiguous. Bush could go on a road trip to every state in which he’s leading and never have to drive through Kerry country. That’s kind of weird.

Frankly I’m less interested in the horse race and more interested in the racetrack. I think it’s absurd how our current system leads the candidates to campaign in just a few key states. I think it’s absurd that, if you live in a state that is strongly in favor of a given candidate, your vote for the opposition doesn’t really count. I think direct democracy would be an improvement.

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